About this project:

'Stories in Art' is a searchable database of paintings and sculptures that tell ancient stories. This project was created as a means to explore works of art that are linked by the stories they depict, and to illuminate the work of art by retelling the story. Similarities and differences become apparent as we compare depictions of the same story by several artists. It is my hope that the visitor will 'discover' a new painting by its connection to a familiar scene, and that the visitor will learn simply by looking, comparing and contrasting.

I chose to limit this project, for now, to ancient stories from the Old Testament, and Greek myths and legends because those are my favorites. I have chosen examples mainly from the European Renaissance and Baroque eras for the same reason. I am always open to suggestion of other stories or other works to include in this project.

This project started in Spring 2007 as a class project for an elective in Boston University's Educational Media and Technology department. I am indebted to Prof. Nick Lux, who went above and beyond to help me fix the bugs. His course gave me the tools to create a project devoted to three of my passions: art history, web design and ancient stories.

This not-for-profit work-in-progress project started with about 40 paintings depicting about 13 stories, and has since grown to include approximately 700 works of art, depicting 36 ancient stories.

About Rebecca Daroff DiMattia:

I'm an artist, an art-lover, and a web designer living in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, a neighborhood of my beloved Boston. To see my portfolio of oil paintings, pencil drawings and other art history projects, please visit my website, beckydimattia.com.


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